Small Business Saturday

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This Saturday, November 25th, main Street shops across the country will have their chance to get a share of the holiday dollars as consumers celebrate Small Business Saturday.


Since Small Business Saturday began in 2010, Americans have responded in growing numbers with more than $5.7 billion spent in 2016 by consumers who were aware of it. It used to be that “economies of scale” meant bigger was better. Mass production brought down the price of everything from cell phones to washing machines, and big box sellers were the purchase point of choice as a result. Today, however, we find ourselves in an era of “unscale” where small businesses and entrepreneurs can successfully compete with far larger companies. Small businesses can now view their markets as global, cloud computing and other internet innovations are at the fingertips of small business owners. With new systems like payroll. Inventory management, and accounting, small business owners can spend less time in the back office and more time innovating and outselling their larger competitors.


Small businesses play such an important role in innovation and job creation, and Small Business Saturday is a great way to encourage people to show their love and support for this.


As a small business there are a few easy ways that you can prepare for Small Business Saturday.

  1. Plan a unique events or promotion for your business.
  2. Update your social media with #ShopSmall profile pictures, cover photos, and social posts.
  3. Create #ShopSmall posters, event flyers.
  4. Support other local businesses by partnering up with each other for the day.
  5. Update your display- have fun and get creative with promoting #ShopSmall!
  6. Are you a restaurant or food service? Use the #DineSmall hashtag on social media to encourage customers to support local restaurants.
  7. Make sure to send a follow up emails to new customers thanking them and offering them a discount or invitation to your next event.
  8. Stay true to whatever is most authentic about your brand.
  9. Remember that bringing community together is what the annual #ShopSmall shopping tradition is about!

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