NCR Counterpoint Version 8.5.6 has been released!

Posted by William Lombardi on

Great News! NCR Counterpoint Version 8.5.6 has been released! You can download the latest version from the NCR Counterpoint User Portal if you have an active Counterpoint Subscription Service Contract.
Please contact our support department before upgrading.
Below are some of the issues that are addressed in this release:
CP-7852 91436990 Labels in Counterpoint 8.5.5 are rounding to the nearest dollar

CP-7363 000000090596380 In TSTE, Sales rep line gets shifted down if SALES REP User is longer than 7+ characters. This happens when Screen resolution is low. 

CP-7250 000000090322651 Totals section of Voucher Receivings report does not include miscellaneous charges.

CP-7241 000000090302336, 000000090993680, 91245026, 91441069 "Grid index out of range" error displays in Ticket Entry when editing large tickets that exceed 40+ lines.

CP-7217 90302220, 90450934, 90486379 Using automatic "hold/recall per line changes" causes performance issues. Specifically, Counterpoint scrolls through each added line with each edit, increasing the wait time as it saves the line.

CP-7090 000000090110732 In the Counterpoint System Configuration Utility for Scheduled Tasks CPSQL passwords are shown in clear text.

CP-7033 89977792 If a payment terminal device is not defined and you are using Tender Retail the error: "TenderRetail initialization error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Radiant 
Systems\CounterPoint\CPSQL853\Bin\%PAYMENTECH_HOME%'" displays in TE.

CP-6961 000000089715498 Serial Numbers are not included on the Physical Count Journal or History report for sometimes serialized items.

CP-6901 000000089685932 Default value for a custom item prompt in the Data Dictionary is not being honored.

CP-6711 000000089457985 Alternate unit costs on a drop-ship PS order are converted to stocking unit costs when the drop-ship Purchase Order is received.

CP-6644 000000089391777 Error running data verify on: SY_MENU_REC_USED / Negative values are not allowed for Sequence #

CP-6642 89250872 Copy and pasting a Sales Rep value in customer records in a filtered table view also copies the customers card on file each time

CP-6624 000000089283606 The error, "Item not on file", displays multiple times if entering an invalid item number on a Purchase Request and pressing to scroll up.

CP-6579 000000088445664 The error, "Card not Supported", displays when swiping a credit card to locate a sale ticket in Validated Return Ticket Lookup.

CP-6430 87965856, 89105712, 87864555,90109077 UIUpgradeProj.exe is running during client setup, which is overwriting existing custom TSTE menus.

CP-6141 000000088236881 The SQLCMD.log file that is created during the installation of Counterpoint includes visible Counterpoint passwords when updating to 8.5.x.

CP-6067 87974067, 87974025 If one device fails to load, none of the other configured devices are functional and can also cause CounterPoint to hang.

CP-5703 000000086795458 When using NSP and there is not an Internet connection available, there is slow performance completing a Cash sale.

CP-3317 AEO722, 000000085379282 The "Apply Credits to A/R Documents" process gives error "Apply process cancelled. Invalid customer balance." with data in a certain state.

CP-3121 000000088664498 Ticket Entry and Touchscreen Ticket Entry do not show the warning message that AVS or CVV is unavailable when "Require override when unavailable" is checked on the Credit Cards tab of the Secure Pay store and you have received an AVSResult=U or CVVResult= (blank) from the processor.

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